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Residency Standards

Portland, Oregon

In order to assist you with your decision on your new home, we are providing a list of guidelines used to qualify applicants for residency in our communities. Nothing contained in these requirements shall constitute representation by Quarterra that all residents and occupants currently residing in our community have met or currently meet these guidelines. Qualification standards include but are not limited to the following criteria:

IDENTIFICATION. Applicants must present a valid government issued photo identification card for each person age 18 years and older that will be living in the apartment. We will accept one of the following as proof of identity:

•Evidence of Social Security Number (SSN Card)

•Valid Permanent Resident Card

•Immigrant Visa

•Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)

•Non-Immigrant Visa

•Any government-issued identification regardless of expiration date 

INCOME. Prior to final approval, all income must be verified. The gross monthly income of all Leaseholders will be considered jointly (combined) and must equal no less than two (2.0) times the monthly market rental rate of the apartment. 

For applicants with Section 8 vouchers, the gross monthly income of Leaseholders must equal no less than two (2.0) times the difference of the monthly market rental rate of the apartment and the monthly voucher credit. 

If you are currently employed, we will accept one of the following as proof of income:

•The last two consecutive payroll check stubs with YTD total showing two months of employment

•In the case of a recent job change (fewer than two pay stubs), last year’s W‑2(s), plus the most recent pay stub from current employer will be accepted

•Irregular additional income that does not appear on your pay stub, such as gratuities, commissions, etc., may be counted only with verifiable documentation (i.e., tax returns)

•A letter, fax, or email statement from your employer is NOT an acceptable verification of income

If you are self-employed, we will accept the following as proof of income:

• Must provide the previous year’s personal income tax return showing an ability to satisfy a monthly income of at least 2 times the rental rate, for the entire lease term.

  • Example: If the monthly rent is $2500, then the applicant must show ability to pay at an amount of at least $5000 per month for the entire lease term.

If you are an applicant who is starting a new job, but has not yet been paid:

•You may provide a copy of an official offer letter for income/​employment verification. 

Applicants may also provide any Alternative Sources of Income, if the documents are verifiable and lawful. Examples of Alternative Sources of Income are: 

•A Social Security Benefits Letter, SSA-1099: Social Security Benefit Statement, or an SSA Notice of Change in Payment

•An order of alimony or child support. If no order exists, but alimony or child support is collected, three months’ most recent consecutive bank statements (or check copies) showing regular deposits of alimony, or child support can be provided

•Unemployment benefits, Retirement Programs, or Child Support payments; the Aged, Blind or Disabled Case Assistance, or Refugee Case Assistance Programs showing the ability to meet income requirements

A statement of annuity account payment showing regular annuity income. 

•A statement from the financial aid office of a college or university that shows loans and/​or grants awarded for living expenses beyond tuition and other school expenses

•The last three consecutive bank statements showing liquid assets totaling at least 2 times the net effective monthly rent for the entire lease term

•Any Federal, State, local government, private or nonprofit administered benefit program

If an applicant does not meet the income requirements, a qualified guarantor must be obtained, or the applicant may be denied.

GUARANTORS. If a guarantor is needed, he/​she must meet the entire qualifying criteria as presented above. All guarantors must have a verifiable source of income in an amount no less than three (3.0) times the rental rate (if self-employed, must show ability to pay for the lease term.) A guarantor may be accepted for lack of rental/​mortgage payment history, lack of credit, or lack of income. 

The guarantor must pay an application processing fee and sign the Guarantor Addendum. 

CREDIT HISTORY. Our credit reporting agency evaluates credit and rental history against indicators of future rent payment performance. An unsatisfactory finding may result in the requirement of an additional deposit, guarantor, or denial. 

CRIMINAL HISTORY. History which Indicates that an applicant’s residency would constitute a direct threat to the health or safety of other individuals or whose residency would result in substantial physical damage to the property of owner or others may result in rejection of the application. Such criminal history may include, but is not limited to:

  1. Recommend Denial for felony or misdemeanor offenses, if less than twenty (20) years from conviction or other adjudication of the offense or five (5) years from completion of sentence for: homicide; arson; burglary; assault; kidnapping; manufacture or distribution of controlled substance, sexual offenses (including sex offenders subject to a lifetime registration requirement) or other crimes against persons.
  2. Recommend Denial for felony and misdemeanor offenses, if less than ten (10) years from conviction or other adjudication of the offense or five (5) years from the completion of sentence involving possession of controlled substances, forgery, embezzlement, theft of property, damage to property or other crimes against property, and weapons offenses.

Applicants who are denied may submit, within thirty (30) days of the denial, verifiable evidence of mitigating factors for additional assessment including (by way of example, with no single factor being determinative): the facts or circumstances surrounding the criminal conduct; the age of the individual at the time of the conduct; evidence that the individual has maintained a good tenant history before and/​or after the conviction or conduct; evidence of rehabilitation efforts and/​or any other factors related to whether a specific person poses any threat to safety.


Our communities will allow 2 persons per bedroom, plus one additional person in the apartment home. 

Please see chart below for the maximum number of occupants allowed: 

Studio Apartment — 3 persons

One Bedroom Apartment — 3 persons

One Bedroom w/​Den Apartment — 3 persons

Two Bedroom Apartment — 5 persons

Three Bedroom — 7 persons

If the addition of a child to the household, through birth, adoption, custody change, or other circumstances, puts the household over the occupancy limits, the household will be given through the end of their lease term or 6 months (whichever is longer) to move to a larger home if one is available or off of the property.

FAIR HOUSING STATEMENT. Quarterra and the Owner are committed to compliance with all federal, state, and local fair housing laws. It is our policy to comply with all laws prohibiting discrimination, including those that prohibit discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, familial status, or disability, and any other local and state laws protecting specific classes. 

PETS and ANIMALS. We love pets and animals and want them to be happy in their new home. Unless you have an approved support animal, we do have some breed restrictions for pets. Those include but are not limited to Rottweilers, Chows, Dobermans, Akitas, Pit Bull Terriers, German Shepherds, Presa Canarios, Wolf-hybrids, Mastiffs, Cane Corsos, Great Danes, Alaskan Malamutes, and Staffordshire Terriers. Exotic pets are not permitted, and illegal pets are not allowed. 

We use a 3rd party screening and review process to ensure there is mutual accountability for pet owners, non-pet owners and service animal owners.

ADA STATEMENT. Quarterra and the Owner are committed to compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. We will allow the modification of existing premises for reasonable accommodations at the expense of the disabled person, if the disabled person agrees to restore the premises at their own expense (exterior modifications exempt) to the pre-modified condition provided the modification would not affect the use and enjoyment of the premises for future residents. 

You may, but are not required to, inform us of any disability status of you or any household member. This information may be used to prioritize applications for homes designated as Type A Units” per Oregon Structural Building Code and ICC A117.1.

APPLICANT RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES. The Portland Housing Bureau requires that all applications include the following attachments:

•Right to Request a Modification or Accommodation Notice Required Under Portland City Code Title 30.01.086.C.3.B

•Statement of Applicant Rights and Responsibilities Notice Required Under Portland City Code Title 30.01.086.C.3.C

DENIALOF APPLICATION. You understand that if you do not meet our rental-selection criteria, or if you fail to answer any question or give false information, we may reject your application, retain application fees, and possibly all or a portion of the application deposit as liquidated damages for our time and expense. 

Updated 07/2020.