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Technology Leaders: Marlowe Smart Homes Are a Hit

Marlowe Lutron Shade Controls

We've previously written about the innovative technological upgrades LMC Marlowe has to offer. And now, Chicago is sitting up and taking notice. Since leasing began in May, Marlowe has received attention as the vanguard in smart-home technology in the multi-family sector in Chicago. Powered by Amazon's popular voice-activated assistant Alexa, the apartment's automated environment management system will allow residents to control the lights, temperature, blinds, and music all with voice commands. Also included is access to commercial grade high-speed internet. And all of this comes standard with the price of rent in every unit, a first in Chicago.

Marlowe has caught the attention of local news media. The NBC affiliate in town, WMAQ, recently featured Marlowe in a news report extolling the property's unique technology package. Resident Dan Whalen exclaimed, "We use it on a daily basis... It's pretty convenient." The report included an interview with LMC Senior Vice President of Development Peter Chmielewski, who remarked, "There's just a real wow factor and a connection with our residents." Chmielewski was also featured on Fox's Good Morning Chicago, where he went a little more in depth about the system. "When somebody moves in, you have a white-glove service from an Amazon expert who comes out on-site and activates everything for you... Everything that you need to control the apartment is already here."

You can also set different 'scenes,' or pre-set levels that will be your most common mood settings. Chmielewski gives an example of one of these 'scenes.' "You're racing out to the L, you've got to get to work, the shades are all up, it's too cold in your apartment, the lights are on... You just have to give the voice command a command and it will shut everything down for you as you're walking out the door." In Crain's Chicago Business, Chmielewski added that LMC knew they would need to make Marlowe special to get ahead. "When we were designing this building, we knew there were hundreds of units coming within a quarter-mile. We knew we were going to need to stand out."

The technological novelty of LMC will continue to lead the way in the multifamily sector and beyond.