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LMC’s JoAnn Blaylock Recognized on’s Best Bosses 2020 list

Jo Ann B620x815 LMC Leadership

The Best Bosses 2020 list has a bit of a twist this year. The annual list compiled by is typically based off leadership qualities like responsibility, focusing first on the company, employees and customers, as well as compassion and intelligence and the resulting standout performance by an organization.

But 2020 has been anything but typical.

That’s what makes President of LMC Living JoAnn Blaylock’s inclusion on the 2020 list especially poignant. notes that traditional leadership qualities remain crucial, but additional attributes have become paramount in 2020, including: “The ability to lead when visibility into the future is cloudy and uncertain. Soothing and instilling confidence in those around you when you are feeling as frightened as everyone else.”

JoAnn has continued to play a key role in the company’s rapid growth while remaining focused on LMC’s unique company culture through tumultuous times.

The Best Bosses article notes that Blaylock serves as president of a group that has morphed from three associates to 300 under her leadership. While decisive and fearless as a leader, JoAnn also demonstrates grace and compassion toward people. The piece also notes she leads in support-system fashion rather than just as a boss.

“Quick to embrace new ideas, she empowers her department to suggest new projects and offer differing opinions, while encouraging collaboration among teams and divisions,” writes of Blaylock. “As a champion for her employees and a strong advocate for work-life balance, she invests in the personal and professional growth of each of her associates by providing invaluable professional development, as well as emotional support.”

Blaylock is quick to deflect credit to her team members, but her inclusion on the list is certainly fitting given her deft leadership qualities.

As one LMC associate said, “Our careers are trusted with her guidance; our hearts better for having known her.”

We are so proud to have JoAnn leading our teams. Congratulations!