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Employee Spotlight: Michelle Tippett - AP Manager

Associate Spotlight Michelle

What’s better than a Texas native? One who brings her love for family, friends and personal growth to her job. That’s exactly what AP Manager Michelle Tippett does. Not only is she a proud new grandmother to Quinn, she thrives on learning new things and helping others achieve their goals. We are thrilled to have her on our team!

What is your official title and job description?

I am an AP Manager. The role is still developing and growing to fit the needs of Quarterra as to how I can best support our Controller as well as the Accounting and Property Groups. I am currently managing vendor set ups, clean ups and processing. Additionally, I focus on development of my wonderful team and staff, communication between accounting/AP and Property Management as well as overseeing check runs and payments, working as a liaison between Accounting and ops and vendor credentialing.

What is your Quarterra story (how did you land at Quarterra)?

Well…I was looking a bit for a new position, but received a call from a recruiter here at Quarterra and for some reason she piqued my interest…and the rest is history.

Tell us your favorite thing about working at Quarterra?

There are many things I am learning daily and I love working at Quarterra more! The people and leadership are great. I love my team and I truly feel blessed and appreciate our flexibility here at Quarterra.

What's your favorite Quarterra Core Value?

Three replies: Culture, Culture, and Culture.

What are you most looking forward to in Quarterra’s future?

I am looking forward to seeing the improvements and results on some of the changes I have been personally working on and hoping it only continues to improve processes for Quarterra.

For Quarterra and our department, I am looking forward to all the department growth we are working through now as I feel it will only strengthen and better our accounting group!

Bio/Quarterra Accolades:

I am a true Texan, love the heat and love living in Texas. Although, as an Army Brat I was born in Germany but since I was a toddler Texas has been my home - growing up and attending high school and college in West Ft Worth. I have been in an accounting role of some sort since I was 20 years old with most of my background in oil and gas.

I have been blessed to manage many people over the past 15 years and strive to help each and everyone of them grow. That’s something truly special to me especially as I see many of them now serving as managers and thriving.

I am a proud mother of two beautiful daughters (both are educators) and recently became a Grandmother – JOY OF MY LIFE! Year 2022 was an exciting year for me as I married my husband, JR and we welcomed our first granddaughter, Quinn.

I love to travel, eat, drink Champagne and be merry - most recently, since meeting JR, that means on the back of a Harley (which I would have never imagined) but we have a blast and I have seen so much beautiful country and laughed the whole time doing so!

I hope to flourish and be here as a productive member of the Quarterra team for a long time!