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Associates Spotlight: Hope Hoolihan, Assistant Manager

Hope Hollihan Associate Spotlight Banner

Before Hope Hoolihan graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Stout in December, she was already part of the LMC family. She began working with the company as an intern in May 2018 and now serves as a leasing professional* at NordHaus, an LMC community in Minneapolis.

Now in possession of a bachelor’s degree in Real Estate Property Management, Hoolihan is also LMC’s Cultural Ambassador for Minneapolis and Chicago.

“NordHaus swept me off my feet, but the people I work with really got me hooked on LMC,” Hoolihan said.

Hoolihan initially entered college with designs on becoming a chiropractor. Realizing her passion wasn’t rooted in that profession, she transferred to UW-Stout and found her true niche in all things marketing. The continual highlight of her LMC experience is the connections she makes through leasing each day.

What is your official title and job description?

I am a floating leasing specialist and the Cultural Ambassador for Minneapolis and Chicago. I do everything from leasing, renewals and overseeing resident events to welcoming our new hires to LMC.

What is your favorite part of the job you do?

My favorite part of my job has to be the people I work with every day. Everyone brings their own unique style and personality, which creates such a fun environment. I am lucky enough to work with people that support you and truly make your voice feel heard.

What is your biggest marketing “save” on a community?

My biggest marketing ‘save’ was probably during an outreach marketing effort to the Minnesota Vikings. It was one of my first outreaches and I was determined to get us through the doors. When we went to the training field, I managed to get past parking guards without passes and security without tickets by telling them I was expected for an appointment with the head of HR. Full disclosure – I might have bribed them with a bagel or two.

Anyhow, someone with security contacted more staff and we ended up getting picked up by a golf cart and given a mini-tour of the training field. It wasn’t until we got to the front desk and my exaggeration of having a meeting with HR fell short. Nonetheless, we were able to pass along the bagels, rack cards and PEP information. At the end of the day I learned that confidence is key. If you talk the talk, and walk the walk, it might literally get you through the door.

What's your favorite LMC Core Value?

Look good, talk friendly.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?

If I could have a superpower I would choose to fly, so that I could start checking off all my bucket-list travel plans.

LMC is a very special place to work, largely because of the special people who work here. Our company culture is infused with spirit, enthusiasm, passion, and vitality. Thank you for being an amazing example of that, Natalie!

Above all else, we are committed to quality, communication, and integrity. This applies to the communities we build and lease, and to the relationships we have with our residents and each other. Are you looking for amazing opportunities for career growth at one of America’s leading apartment developers? We are always growing and looking to add amazing people to our LMC teams!

*Since publication, Hope has been promoted to Assistant Manager at Onyx Edina.