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Associate Spotlight: Priscila Garcia, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager

Quarterra’s greatest strength is its incredible associates, and that’s no accident. The Quarterra team is curated through a strategic and deliberate process, orchestrated largely by Senior Talent Acquisition Manager Priscila Garcia. While Priscila is responsible for bringing many of our amazing teams and much of our Quarterra family together, how much do we know about the woman behind the scenes?

Let’s take a closer look at Priscila, her role with Quarterra and her experience in talent acquisitions.

What is your official title and job description?

I am a Senior Talent Acquisition Manager. I am responsible for planning, developing, managing, and overseeing talent acquisition processes and strategies for Quarterra. I collaborate with our business leaders about their current and future staffing needs so that we can proactively recruit and source the best talent to work for Quarterra.

What is your Quarterra story (how did you land at Quarterra)?

I was working as a corporate recruiter for Lennar for about one year when I learned about the opportunity at Quarterra (LMC). The company was hiring its first dedicated talent acquisition professional, who was going to be responsible for the organization’s recruiting efforts. I was so excited about the role because I knew I would face new challenges that would help me grow in my career and give me the opportunity to make a positive impact on the business. After going through a couple of rounds of interviews, even an initially intimidating conversation with Tim Snook that felt lighthearted and fun, I knew this company was the right place for me. I immediately adapted to the company’s culture. The HR team was amazing, making finding my place easy.

Tell us your favorite thing about working at Quarterra?

My favorite thing about Quarterra is our people and that our leadership team truly cares about each associate as individuals. I have sat on leadership calls where Todd and other executives legitimately cared about the lives of our residents and associates, which spoke to my heart. Because of those experiences, it is easy to talk to potential candidates about how great this company is. I can sincerely tell them that we have a great culture, and our leadership genuinely values what each individual can bring to the organization.

What's your favorite Quarterra Core Value?

My favorite Quarterra Core Value is Collaboration. When we collaborate, new ideas come to the table which elevates our work and showcases each person’s strengths.

What are you most looking forward to in Quarterra’s future?

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for our company. With our rebrand to Quarterra, there are so many opportunities ahead of us. I believe that we have the best people and tools to accomplish our goals and are in for a fun and amazing journey.

Bio/Quarterra Accolades:

I’m a graduate of Florida International University with a Master’s and a Bachelor’s in Human Resources Management. My first professional job was as an HR assistant, during that time I fell in love with talent acquisition. Prior to Quarterra (LMC), I worked for a Fortune 500, top 50 company for 11 years, before joining Lennar for about a year. Throughout my HR career, I have worked as an HR assistant, recruiter, college relations representative, and diversity markets specialist. I am now the Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition and I have an amazing team that does a wonderful job of bringing top talent to the organization.

I am a recipient of the “Best of LMC” award for customer service. I am extremely proud of that accomplishment because I am a true believer in outstanding service to our internal and external customers, and the impact that it can make on individuals and the business as a whole. On a personal note, I am a mom of two children who constantly keep me on the go. In our household, we speak three languages, and we are currently learning a fourth. I also have two cats, one of which has appeared in several of my meetings because she has the bad habit of unexpectedly jumping on top of my head.