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Associate Spotlight: Christina Kisseih - Assistant Community Manager

Associate Spotlight Template Christina

Emblem Riverside Assistant Community Manager Christina Kisseih has served in several capacities during her time with Quarterra. But did you know that her first knowledge of the company came while working for a neighboring competitor and seeing her current community being built? She loves the supportive Quarterra spirit, as well as providing support to her team, and we are fortunate she found her way to us!

Let’s take a minute to view the company through Christina’s eyes and learn more about her Quarterra experience.

What is your official title and job description?

My official job title is Assistant Community Manager at Emblem Riverside. I am the "supporter;" I manage resident accounts and resident relations, and act as the manager when she is out or unavailable. In property management, we wear many hats. At the beginning of my journey with Quarterra and Emblem Riverside, I was mainly involved in leasing since we were in lease-up mode. Now that we are close to stabilizing, I've jumped more into the managerial side. It's nice to have a mix of responsibilities and duties sometimes; it keeps you energized.

What is your Quarterra story (how did you land at Quarterra)?

Funny story, I was working at the community next door. I saw the construction going on and was curious, but left it at that. Months after leaving the position at the neighboring community to be at home with my daughter, I decided to get back into the industry. I applied online, not realizing that Emblem Riverside was the community I previously saw under construction. I interviewed, and the rest is history!

Tell us your favorite thing about working at Quarterra?

To be honest, it's the people. I've met so many wonderful people at Quarterra, starting with Insider, to forming relationships with coworkers at sister sites here in Atlanta and beyond. I feel like people are really accessible at Quarterra. When you need something, there is always someone to reach out to no matter which department.

What's your favorite Quarterra Core Value?

Leadership, leading well. Being a leader can be a hard job. There are many qualities needed in that role — being a great communicator, clearly explaining expectations, leading with integrity, and supporting your people. I feel like Quarterra strives to lead well, always.

What are you most looking forward to in Quarterra’s future?

I look forward to our expansion into new markets. Working on an Emblem development has made me appreciate the company's attention to detail regarding construction. Where they place their developments feels very strategic. There has definitely been research done to figure out the best markets and locations.

Bio/Quarterra Accolades:

First and foremost, I am a dedicated mom and wife. I graduated from Florida State University in 2005 with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Textiles. I actually landed my first leasing consultant job during my last semester in college and sort of threw fashion out of the window. I've been in the industry for approximately 15 years, and I've held positions as leasing consultant, leasing manager, assistant manager and community manager. Out of all the positions I've held so far, I've really enjoyed the support role of assistant manager. I love meeting new people and giving great customer service. Customer service and good communication are so needed in today's world.