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The New LMC - A Company Built on Culture, Community, and People

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When we decided to rebrand ourselves from Lennar Multifamily Communities to LMC, there was a very distinct purpose. Sure, it seems like it’s just a small change from a long name to an abbreviation, but there was much more thought put into scaling back our name, changing our branding, our message, and our mission.

Let’s be clear, our mission has always been to provide the best service possible to our residents, however, we really wanted to focus on providing the best environment for our people - our team. Because when you build a culture of excellence within your organization, the service to residents becomes the much­-needed byproduct. Welcome to the new LMC.

Built on Culture

Company culture is of utmost importance, and we’re sure that you’ve probably heard that a thousand times before from other companies. But the one key component to our approach is how we vet our future associates. We want to pinpoint the ideal candidates to join our team and will always avoid hiring out of desperation. We’ll even hire well before we need to in order to get the best of the best. Why? Well, when you’re a company that is managing brand new communities and a robust pipeline of future communities, you want your team to be fully immersed in the process and collaborating on the future of their region. For us, this allows our associates time to truly connect with the big picture goals of LMC.

Built on Community

We don’t throw around the word “community” like it’s nothing. For us, well­-fostered communities come from building the proper culture from top to bottom. So, all the things that we are doing for our culture internally are also benefiting our communities and residents as they adopt the values and personality of our on­-site teams.

“We want our communities to be fun, lively and energetic. We need them to reflect what the prospect saw on our website; the mood and environment that our visuals and messaging put forth. Our on-site teams should be friendly and accommodating, and it has to show through their natural disposition.”

-Beth Tuttle, National Vice President of Marketing, LMC

Built on People

At the end of the day, it’s the people that make LMC what it really is. The multifamily industry is admittedly very tight-­knit, and it’s the relationships that drive our associates to discover who we really are. In fact, 72% of our property management associates are referrals. And when our new associates experience LMC’s culture and community do they realize that we are caring for our people with extreme positive reinforcement. We’re here to learn and grow together, which makes our new­ hire orientation process so valuable. We promise to give our employees the freedom to take risks, embrace ownership and lead success.

From team building happy hours to problem solving activities, our goal is to get our team to creatively work together, so that there is a continuous support system across the country.

Built on “Making It Yours”

From our associates to our residents, we want to instill the idea of “making it yours”. For our associates, they are inspired to create experiences that show the unexpected benefits of living at a LMC community. A simple change in messaging and tone tells our residents that we are here to contribute to their emotional needs when it comes to finding a place to call home. And that’s an important thing. We are letting our team and residents know that they can make their experience with LMC completely theirs, on their terms.

Join Us On The Journey

With all of this said, we want you to join us on the journey. Whether you’re looking to join our team or make one of our new communities your home, LMC is here to serve you. So, reach out to us on social media or see what we’re hiring for and help us make LMC an important part of your life.