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LMC Loves Pets

Eye on the prize

At LMC, we’re dog people, cat lovers, and overall animal advocates. Whether your friend has fur, feathers, or scales, we know that pets are like family – and they deserve to be pampered too. That’s why our communities feature a unique set of pet friendly pet perks: luxury experiences for dogs, cats, and other creatures. We want to make sure that our four-legged residents feel completely taken care of, from their wet noses and bright eyes all the way to the tips of their tails.

Give your furry friend a soothing scrub-down at the Pet Spa, and then stop by the Bark Bar for a well-deserved treat. Clip on a Collar Cam and go for a grassy romp at the Dog Park. From social events to shelter donations, we’re dedicated to the wellbeing of animals.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the pet-friendly amenities and perks LMC offers!

Luxury Pet Spas and Groom Rooms

Primp and pamper your pooch at a deluxe pet spa, a complete grooming area with dog washing stations and dryers. For communities without a pet spa, we offer regular services from a professional dog groomer on-site.

Dog Parks and Socialization Events

Let your pup off his leash, and give him plenty of time to run, sniff, poke around, and be free to be a dog. Our convenient, off-leash areas make it easy to give your dog the exercise, playtime, and social interaction that he craves. Our pet friendly communities also host Yappy Hours, pet socials, and special events where you can meet fellow residents and make friends while you watch your doggies frolic and play.

Special LMC Swag, Treats, and Recognition

Take a break at one of our communities pet friendly Bark Bars, special stations stacked with perks for your furry friends. Find beg-worthy treats, toys to borrow, and other fun things for your pets to play with. Communities also feature one pet resident every month, so you can share their story with the world. Every dog (or cat or monkey) has its day at LMC!

Pet Donations and Purrfect Adoptions

As animal advocates LMC makes regular donations to local shelters and animal organizations in order to help dogs, cats, and other pets get the food, bedding, toys, medical care, and TLC that they need. We also believe that every pet deserves a good home and a loving family, and we help make that happen by hosting adoption events at our communities. We also share social media posts from nearby shelters in an effort to find homes for local animals.

Find your purrfect pet-friendly apartment home from LMC!